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My Mission

To help college students share their stories, explore their brokenness, and seek healing resources.

dr. Saby Labor
dr. Saby LaborDirector, Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life Office of Equity and Diversity, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

I would like to shout praises from the rooftops about Sinclair Ceasar’s brilliance as a facilitator and speaker. Sinclair Ceasar cultivated an intentional, personalized, and highly engaging experience for our LGBTQ Center staff team at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He was so easy to work with given that he has seamless systems and processes for intake, sharing session materials, and payment processing.

He was flexible and thoughtful about the timing of his session amidst the social context of the world and locally to the session participants. Our team was engaged, validated, and invited to contribute in authentic ways thanks to Sinclair’s extensive experience, knowledge, and skills as an educator, facilitator, and speaker. Sinclair facilitated a session via Zoom due to the global pandemic.

Sinclair met our team where they were as student leaders and professionals. He left space for a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions our team was arriving with them and honored each of them. “Black Joy as an Act of Resistance” is an authentically dynamic, powerful, and relevant body of content and experience that every team should experience.

Sinclair Ceasar is precisely the voice we need right now. I highly recommend you invite Sinclair Ceasar to inspire, uplift, and bring authentic engaging experiences to your team or organization.

Dr. Scott Helfrich
Dr. Scott HelfrichDirector of University Housing & Conference Services, Millersville Unviersity

I feel that you are THE thought leader in the field related to self-care and wellness. I knew that our student staff would greatly benefit from your presentation as your message is always uplifting and educational.

I was very impressed that you were able to fully engage our student staff in a virtual format. You were able to solicit feedback from them throughout the session by using the chat function, which kept the content fresh, fun, and engaging. My full-time professional staff also enjoyed the session and had nothing but praise for you.

We are able to revisit the key points from your session with our staff during the course of various trainings and staff development exercises in the year ahead. With the concise and straightforward nature of your content, there are many self-care messages that our staff can easily remember and apply to their daily lives.

Billy Hood
Billy HoodProgram Manager, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

I would definitely recommend Sinclair as a speaker! A few years back when I worked at Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Sinclair kicked off our new volunteer orientation and he ended up being one of the most memorable speakers from the four-day event.

His talk on “Non-Profit 101: Succeeding at your JVC Agency Placement” was not only relevant and useful for the new cohort of volunteers, but he was also exceedingly funny, dynamic, and engaging throughout.

He quickly established a great connection with the volunteers that became apparent within the first 10 minutes of his talk, and was evidenced after the fact by all the great comments they left about his session in our orientation evaluation forms.

We were lucky to have him and I hope it won’t be the last time I get to see Sinclair speak in front of an audience.

Lisa Fortin
Lisa FortinAssistant Director of the Holden Leadership Center, University of Oregon

Sinclair is one of those speakers who makes you feel as if he’s talking just to you. There’s a really personal connection. He has a way of speaking that gets everyone interested and involved. I would definitely recommend him as a speaker. Even when talking on serious topics, he’s entertaining to listen to.

Chianti BlackmonCommittee Member, Frederick County Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

You have a strong background in facilitating discussions around mental health. The #1 thing I'll remember from your talk is the way you engaged with the youth and your vulnerability. You created a space where the young men could keep it real and ask for help. Your presentation allowed for a discussion about mental health and asking for support. I believe the young men built their capacity and understanding about the power of asking for help and support.

Student Participant
Student ParticipantMillikin University

Sinclair was involved, honest, open, and encouraging. This workshop made me reflect on my own mental health and now I feel like I'm ready to reach out and talk to someone (which is something I've struggled to get myself to do before).


"With patience and consistency, Sinclair generously helped me see the reality of my life clearly during a difficult time. I appreciated his thoughtful advice and engagement, which — coupled with his questions that prompted my own reflection — helped me move forward in a positive direction and start a healing journey."

Danielle J. Davis
Danielle J. DavisThe Financial Freedom Educator

"Sinclair is just what I needed in a business coach, he not only supports your vision and brings it to life, he encourages you, and challenges you to think bigger, dream more. It is because of him challenging my fears, thoughts, and ideals that my business will be extremely successful beyond my wildest dreams in 2021 He is punctual, dedicated, and organized. I could not have asked for a better coach!"

TeresaTwitter Follower

" I followed you at the beginning of lockdown, when the George Floyd protests were happening. At the time I remember there being a lot of darkness and blame/shame/guilt passed around on social media, and I watched a video you made around that time speaking about your feelings on racial injustices. Your clarity, the authenticity behind your truth, and the non-violence were things I felt immediately. I was and still am so moved by the way you take up space in this world."

Daryn St. Pierre
Daryn St. PierreFront-End Engineer

"Your words are an organic daily reminder for me. When most of Twitter is a chaotic doom scroll extravaganza, you come through with something positive. I appreciate it."

Kiera Walker
Kiera WalkerWriter

"When I discovered you via Shine, I subscribed to your newsletter and it always resonated so, so deep and still do today. We’ve spoken 1:1 and I’ve attended one of your workshops and every interaction with you has been empowering & transformative!"

You are worth more

To end mental stigma by helping people share their stories, explore their brokenness, and seek healing resources.