Two Words That Don’t Always Seem Like Enough

I wrote this email to my staff today. 

Dear Everyone,

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but you are all a huge part of why I love the Mount. You, the RAs, who’ve been interactive with questions on my white board and trivia games, and available when I’ve needed you. You, who’ve shared your ups and downs in staff meetings, faced your fears, and given back to the Mount community.

Thinking back to last summer, I was super excited, but I didn’t know what to expect when I accepted the Assistant Director of Residence Life position. I knew I’d be working with student leaders who cared about their academics, peers, and values, but I needed to see it.


Now that my first year is over, I’ve seen it and so much more. Let me tell you that I’m grateful for all the hard work you’ve all done for your residents, your teammates, and yourselves. It’s hard to realize in the moment, but each of you has had a positive impact on someone. We don’t always get a thank you. And even when we do, those two words don’t always seem like enough. Sometimes, it takes reflecting on what we’ve done, what we didn’t do, and on the moments when someone came back to us and told us what we did for them.

We won’t always discover how we improved someone else’s life. So, I wanted to take this moment to tell you that each of you have had a profound impact on my life in some way. You’ve helped me to grow in so many ways, and you’ve taught me a lot about myself. To those who graduated: let’s keep in touch. And no matter what your situation is after graduation, know that I’m rooting for each of you! To those returning next year: I can’t wait to witness all the big and small wins we accomplish.

I’m glad I came to the Mount, and am incredibly thankful that I have countless reasons to continue to build a home, learn with you, and rock life with all of you.

Enjoy your summer,


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