5 Ways to Calm the Heck Down Now

I’m pretty good at being high strung and more serious than I need to be. I’m also a world-class worrier. Oh, wait, you didn’t now they gave out awards for that? Case and point: I’ll probably fret over the typos I missed in this post once it’s published.

In one way, it’s helped me to get to where I am, but it’s not necessary to always be on.

Here are five ways I’ve learned to relax a bit: 

1. Ask an Expert. Consult someone who appears to be naturally relaxed. Ask them about their outlook on life. Just listening to them might put you at ease. Seek out a professional. This could be a spiritual advisor, counselor, or anyone who is licensed to help.

2. Laugh. Read a joke book – a really bad one with the corniest puns ever. Watch some funny baby videos or animal videos. Conjure up a funny story and tell it to someone you trust. Chop it up with a colleague, and just go down the list of funny incidents from the day. There’s really no wrong way to laugh – or eat a Reese’s. If only I was getting paid for that product placement. *Sighs*

3. Acknowledge the Worry. Take a moment to process what’s eating you. Notice how it manifest in your body. Write down what’s bothering you. Discard what you write.

4. Push It. Seriously, do some push ups if you can. Maybe go for a walk. Put on your headphones, blast some music, and dance out that fear. You can do this in the office or at home. Let your happy brain chemicals take care of those intense emotions that are trying to damper your day.

5. Give Up. If the fear of being wrong or failing is keeping you up at night, challenge yourself to go worry free for 10 minutes a day. Start that 10 minute challenge now. Dare yourself to give up trying to be perfect for a brief amount of time. If 10 minutes is too long, no worries. It’s just a goal to work up to. Find what fits you.

You get to have moments of peace in your life. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re working on discovering ways to write a better life story. No amount of advice or tips mean anything, however, until you decide to figure out what works best for you. Nothing will be effective until you put in the work of noticing, accepting, healing, growing, and risk asking for help. You got this. I believe in you.

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