A Letter to My New Staff

Subject: Welcome Letter to the RA reading this

Dear You,

Welcome to your room for the year. This is where you get to rest, think up great ideas, and get loads of school work done. It’s also where you might have important conversations with your residents. That’s huge. I know, every conversation isn’t earth shattering, but every small action counts. I know that you’ll have your door open when you can to invite others in. I know you’ll work hard to create a positive, civil, and inclusive community on your floor. I know you also have needs. You’re still a student, a friend, a person. You’re at the Mount to make things happen in your own life as well. Some say strive for balance. I say go for awesome. And awesome is going to mean something different for each RA.

As you begin another year of cultivating your leadership style, overcoming challenges, and gaining new perspectives, I invite yourself to do one thing for me: breathe. Take your time and realize that you already have what it takes to do this job well. You’re going to make mistakes. The hope is that you fail forward. I try to do this in my personal and professional life. I work to turn every hardship and mistake into a lesson (I admit that I’ve had to redo some lessons several times). I know you’re going to be okay. I know youGO FOR AWESOME can have the residential community you want if you seek to build trust, model respect, and make ethical decisions even when no one is watching. And I know you’ll achieve the academic success you desire if you ask for help, have healthy habits, and forgive yourself along the way.

Going for awesome isn’t about choosing what’s easy, it’s about bringing the best you every day, collaborating, and staying humble through it all. I’ve attached a page of things about me, so we can start the year off with some fun and transparency. The more open our line of communication, the better we can we tackle each task, and support our resident students. Also, I enjoy getting to know others, especially my teammates.

I can’t wait to see what you bring,
Sinclair Ceasar

P.S. I am here to support you and I mean that. Let me know what I can do to make sure you’re successful and prepared. Cool? Cool.

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