Why Beginning is So Darn Difficult (FREE Worksheet Download)

Many of us will be planning our New Year’s Resolutions in a few months. But, what about end of year resolutions? Do you have something you have wanted to attempt or a project you want to complete? You never seem to get around to starting, or you keep saying: Darn, I meant to do that months ago! What’s my deal? 

I find that fear, over thinking, and excuses keep us from doing things. Truthfully, I find it easier to lose myself for 3 hours on social media. I have been fortunate to have people in my life push me to actually manifest some of the ideas I talk about. That’s how this blog was born, this eBook, this project to motivate Student Affairs folks searching for grad programs and jobs, and so many other ideas I’ve turned into reality. This isn’t me bragging. It’s me letting you know that it is possible for YOU to get started and get good things done. And no, they don’t have to be work related. It could be starting a blog, re-arranging your living room, or writing holiday cards to relatives. It is totally up to you.

If you need a nudge and some help with beginning, I have just the thing for you.

FREE STUFF YO! Check out the worksheet I made with you in mind by clicking the icon below.

Get It Done – The Worksheet

What are you waiting for? Get good things done!

Published by Sinclair P Ceasar III

Sinclair Ceasar is a speaker, podcaster, and higher ed professional committed to helping people live a better story, and be more hopeful. He sends weekly inspirational emails to over 1K readers each Monday. Email him at hello@thesapronextdoor.com or connect with him via Twitter @Sinclair_Ceasar

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