Thankfulness Project (Free Template Download)

You are probably thinking: Does this guy ever get work done? I promise I do. Instead of going down the rabbit hole of social media while at work, I have found a better use of my time. Whenever I have down time, I either go for a short walk to the campus bookstore, check-in with co-workers/colleagues/student staff, or I implement an idea that doesn’t take much work. My intention is often: How can I improve morale and increase positivity and engagement at Mount St. Mary’s University on a small scale?

Since it is Thanksgiving break week, I wanted to do a project centered around gratitude. Mind blowing, huh? I also knew that people love having something they can walk away with and give to others. So I offered folks the opportunity to send a message of thankfulness to friends, family, or whomever via a photo message. I designed the I am Thankful for… template on Canva. It is a user friendly website for anyone looking to do their own graphic design projects. Hit me up at if you have any questions about Canva.

Here is a link to the template if you would like to use it. It is a great project to do at anytime of the year.

Lastly, check out these sweet pictures of folks around my institution. And remember that I am continually rooting for you and am thankful for you, dear reader!


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