When The World Comes Together For Your Friend

Sometime during November of 2015, my close friend told me they were diagnosed with bone cancer. It was heart breaking. We are super close and have kept in touch via letters for the past several years. We met while doing an urban homelessness immersion program in Portland, Oregon.

It was one of those moments where I had absolutely no idea of what to do. How do you support someone from 3,000 miles away? I decided to lean on the More Love Letters community. They are a group of people that comes together to write heartfelt letters to people who are experiencing hardships in their lives. Someone nominates a friend or family member, and if chosen, they become a bundle facilitator. I submitted my nomination and became just that in less than 48 hours.


Soon, my friend’s story was posted, and I began receiving letters and post cards from places like the UK, Australia, and New Jersey. It was amazing. Never doubt what asking for help can bring you. Later in December, the project ended . Scroll down to check out the results and my friend’s reaction in my testimonial.

Visit More Love Letters if only to witness what is happening right here in our world. I’m continually amazed.


The Testimonial (originally posted here

Dear More Love Letters Community,

Thank you for being in existence. After two months of receiving letters from around the world (U.S.A., South Korea, Australia, Canada, and the UK) I was able to send Isabella 475 handwritten and loving letters. Isabella texted me when she got them and said she was overwhelmed with “happiness and awe”.

Sometimes I would hit a wall when reviewing each letter. Exhaustion crept in and tricked me out of putting forth effort. Eventually, I got over myself. I thought about much Isabella was going through. The mornings when she felt nauseous, the doctor visits, and all of the pain that comes along with having bone cancer. When I thought about her, everything changed. Reading the letters became an act of love. Each letter took me further and further on an emotional journey of thinking about my friend who lives 3,000 miles away.

I am glad I did this project. When Isabella notified me that she got the bundle, I told her “Of course I’d do this for you, you mean the world to me and have shown me nothing but genuine kindness since we’ve known each other.” I don’t know what the future holds for Isabella. Can any of us say what tomorrow will bring? What I do know is power of an anonymous community of people who come together to bring joy to the lives of others by writing and mailing love letters. I’m forever grateful for each person that ever takes the time to send a loving message. Each of you means them means the world to someone. And for this project, you have meant the world to Isabella.

Love Always,

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Sinclair Ceasar is a speaker, podcaster, and higher ed professional committed to helping people live a better story, and be more hopeful. He sends weekly inspirational emails to over 1K readers each Monday. Email him at hello@thesapronextdoor.com or connect with him via Twitter @Sinclair_Ceasar

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