#IdeaLab: Showing Appreciation to the Field

I have a burning idea. It has been on my mind ever since we celebrated RA Appreciation last year. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we had a national Student Affairs Professionals Appreciation Week?

I do.

So, I’m going to go for it at some point if no one else does. #ThankaPro isn’t being used for anything significant, and we could get folks on board via Facebook and Twitter. The real, authentic, and personal appreciations would happen offline and year round.

Social media is powerful and could serve as the spark. Check out the marketing I designed using Canva:


You could use this to accompany a special thank you message they post or email to someone:


Here’s a draft of the introduction to it all:

Our days are unpredictable and sometimes rewarding. One thing is for sure: we work hard. It’s not like we’re doing this for fame or for the pay – or even for a pat on the back. We do this because we care. Why not take a week out of the year to appreciate the hard work of co-workers, colleagues, mentors, and friends.  

So what now?

I am wondering if after reading this, someone will say: Hey Sinclair, let’s do this thing. For now, I’m going to finish up processing final registrations for the Do Something Awesome kindness project and sending the first round of uplifting emails for the #SASearch Motivation project.

To Be Continued…




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