Introducing the Selfish Self-Care Box

Update: This was a fun, challenging, and growth-filled adventure that has come to an end. Thank you to everyone who supported the efforts. If you’d like to chat more about self-care, email me at These conversations make my life! 

Educators work hard to serve others, but we are terrible at taking care of ourselves. What’s worse is we don’t have the time to gather resources, and treat ourselves. It’s time to stop the excuses, take a deep breath, and open up a box of everything we need to relax and re-center. For a limited time only, you can order a Selfish Self-Care Box that’s made with you in mind.


a super fancy coloring book + colored pencils

modelling clay

nutritious snacks

the unofficial guide to self-care

a few surprises

Total Cost: $20 + Shipping



How soon will I get my order? 

All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days. You will receive a USPS tracking number in the shipping confirmation email that you receive, once the order has shipped. Please click the link in the email or go to and enter your tracking number to see where your order currently is in the shipping route. Contact Sinclair Ceasar at if you don’t receive an email with tracking info within 72 hours of placing your order.

Can I order a Selfish Self-Care Box for someone else? 

Yes! How kind of you!

Is the Selfish Self-Care Box a subscription service? 

Good question. For now, it’s just a one time thing. But you can order as many boxes as you like. They make fantastic gifts!


Need more assistance? Email Sinclair at

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