One Way to Add Love to Our World

A very close friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. It was heartbreaking. I searched for ways I could help, but none seemed sufficient because my friend was 3,000 miles away. A few days passed, and a thought hit me: What if this isn’t about how I can help? What if it’s more about how I can add love? 

I knew exactly what to do, but didn’t know if it would work.

I’d heard about an amazing person named Hannah Brencher, who started a global organization called The World Needs More Love Letters. Anyone could share a loved one’s story with Hannah’s team, and said love one would receive love letters, notes, and inspirational snail mail from around the world.

I submitted my request, prayed, and hoped for the best. It worked. Everything happened so fast.

My friend’s story was posted to Hannah’s website (which I bet gets like a gazillion hits a year). Over the course of several weeks, I received over 500 letters. Some letters were simple, some spoke about other individuals struggles with cancer, but each letter was genuine. I got down to business. I read every single letter, and created a massive bundle for my friend. Some moments were filled with me thinking: Wow, a lot of people out here are hurting. Other moments were filled me feeling thankful for kind strangers. I’d cry. I’d laugh. And, I grew to feel even more empathetic for my loving friend who was – and still is – one of the most caring people in the world.

I found a way to add love.

Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed with all the sickness, hurt, meanness, and unfairness in our world. We might think: I don’t even know where I can begin to help. That’s real. There are no easy answers. I think what maters is that we take some type of action. It could be helping someone with their college application, or shoveling your neighbor’s car out of the snow. It could be organizing a fundraiser, or being more intentional about checking your own problematic ways of speaking.

A lack of options is not the issue. It’s often more challenging to have too many options. So, let me help you out by presenting you with one simple, yet meaningful way to inspire someone you’ve never even met,.

Hannah and her team are currently in the midst of a campaign called The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. Each day, a new story is posted, and folks have the opportunity to rally their friends, peers, family, and loved ones, to send letters to the designated recipient.  Today marks day 8, and I’m happy to be promoting this particular story. My challenge to you is to not only write a letter to this person, but to get one or two friends to as well. You can share this email with them, tweet the campaign’s website, or just call them up and write your letters over a cup of hot chocolate.

Here’s the story:

Many individuals face tragic + difficult circumstances in life, and Lacey is no stranger to those types of circumstances. Her friend shared with us:

“Lacey is an incredible individual; she’s like a lightning bolt of energy, love, and encouragement. I met Lacey a few years ago and learned that she had been diagnosed with not just one, but four incurable brain, neurological, and spinal conditions. It’s been a long road for Lacey and her husband, as they’ve journeyed together through her three brain surgeries, consecutive recoveries, and day to day life.

Lacey has been a force to be reckoned with and continues to be a source of positivity and joy to those around her. This fall she began school again, to earn her doctorate in medical anthropology in hopes of helping others who have experienced similar life-changing diagnoses. There are still rough days for Lacey, both physically and emotionally, and I want to show her that she won’t be defined by her medical history, but the future she chooses for herself.”

Please join us as we send that same encouragement + love to Lacey that she so readily spreads!


Lacey’s bundle

℅ Beeta L.

519 S. Anaheim Blvd

Anaheim, CA 92805


There it is. It’s an opportunity for you to add love and inspire hope for Lacey. Will you join me in sending her some uplifting snail mail?



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