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  1. Waking up every weekday morning to go to the gym. Missing a few days, but going back even when it sucks to. Consistency is not perfection. 
  2. Writing a weekly newsletter full of real talk and hope so that the people reading it can feel less alone. Having to pay $30/month for said newsletter because your list has grown. Paying that anyways because you want your readers to have these words. Consistency is sacrifice. 
  3. Showing up to things even though you don’t always want to: work, family stuff, life. Seeing that showing up builds trust, builds grit, makes you better, makes it all better and worth it. Consistency is love. 
  4. Reading widely and often to keep your mind sharp. Occasionally consuming content that upsets you because you don’t want to live life in a vacuum. You know confirmation bias is real. Consistency isn’t myopic.. 
  5. Taking on speaking gigs even when they don’t pay. Giving your best to audiences of 10 and 100. Learning that it’s not about you, it’s about the content. It’s about what they need to learn and walk away with. Doing this even when you’re losing at the comparison game in your head. Consistency is bravery. True bravery. 
  6. Running up and down the stairs at the gym and doing this every weekday. Dreading it every single time, but doing it anyways because you want to face your fears and lose the weight. Stopping when the pain becomes too much. Consistency doesn’t mean forever if it doesn’t align with your values and what you really want. 
  7. Showing up to this scary world, full of scary things, and realizing that it’s not all bad because there’s a lot of good and hope and magic out there. Consistency brings you places you never thought you’d be. 

Share your truth in the comment section 👇: What’s something you’ve consistently done that’s improved your life?

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