Sinclair: In short, I see that you use social media (in a super effective way) to advocate for body positivity and intuitive eating. What caused you to start doing this work?

Rini: I suffered from various eating disorders, disordered eating and excessive exercise for many years and when I decided I was ready for recovery, I started sharing bits and pieces with my followers and found that it resonated so much. Body positivity is so important in today’s world of “perfect” Instagram bodies and being exposed to only one body type as the ideal. Intuitive eating saved me from what I thought was going to be a lifelong struggle with food and my body.

Sinclair: What are recurring themes that arise in your conversations with the women you work with (clients, followers, etc.)?

Rini: Body image is the biggest topic of conversation with my clients. We have deeply rooted beliefs about what a “good” body and a “bad” body looks like and it is a challenge to break those patterns down.

Instagram vs Reality
Rini Frey

Sinclair: What’s something you think we often get wrong about dieting? 

Rini: The diet industry makes us believe that it is our fault for failing at dieting. The truth is that diets are doomed to fail, because from an evolutionary perspective, food deprivation causes our metabolisms to slow down and our hunger hormones to rise drastically. So, when weight loss occurs, our bodies make us hungrier than ever before, while slowing our metabolism. Rebounding and gaining weight is a natural response to food restriction and that is why people keep spending their money on the next diet that promises long-lasting weight loss, only to end up disappointed and heavier than before.

Intuitive eating saved me from what I thought was going to be a lifelong struggle with food and my body. – Rini Frey

Sinclair: How can someone living with an eating disorder begin healing some of the shame they might carry?

Rini: Talking about it helps a lot, as well as questioning our thoughts. So, self-awareness is huge. Question your beliefs about what a perfect body looks like, why it’s so important to shrink our bodies and why we label foods as good and bad. It’s important to understand that those beliefs are completely learned based on the society we live in and the good news is that they can be un-learned.

Sinclair: You wrote: “You don’t have to shrink your body to have an impact on this world,” on a recent Instagram post. Where do you think we get messages like these?

Rini: We get bombarded with underlying messages about smaller bodies being more successful at life from social media, movies, TV and other advertisements. We see small people represent health and happiness everywhere we look, when in reality it is all staged and being small doesn’t equal being happy, especially if we have to take drastic measures to achieve this look. We can do much more important things with our time than obsess over food and our bodies and that is where the impact comes in. If our brain space is taken up by thoughts about food and our body, we have no space left to do more important things in life.

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Rini Frey

Sinclair: I’d love to hear your response to a question you posed on another post: “What is something you’re currently trying to accept about yourself?”

Rini: I am trying to accept my perfectionism at everything I do, especially work-related. It used to show up in my diet and body image as I thought I had to be “perfect” at everything. Now it shows up in my work and I am working on accepting that I feel this way, but also learning to slow down and accept that nobody is perfect and I am doing the best I can with whatever I’ve got.

I am now at peace with my body and don’t get hung up on weighing a certain number. – Rini Frey

Sinclair: Your Daily Mail feature mentioned that you haven’t weighed yourself in over a year. Where has making this decision gotten you?

Rini: I feel better in my body than I ever have before. I am not interested in knowing my weight, because it is the least interesting thing about me. I used to be a slave to my scale and I refuse to let numbers dictate my well-being anymore. I am now at peace with my body and don’t get hung up on weighing a certain number. It doesn’t determine my worth.

Sinclair: Recovery and body confidence coaching sounds like it changes lives. What’s it entail?

Rini: I work with women that want to break away from self-destructive behaviors in terms of restricting food, bingeing and purging on food, binge eating or overexercising. We are breaking down their old patterns and beliefs and find ways to heal their relationship to food and their bodies. My mission is always to get them to a place of doing something with their lives that brings them joy, fulfillment and purpose. Instead of obsessing over food and their bodies, I see my clients go and start their own online business, leave a toxic relationship, go travel or do other things they were putting off before, because they had no energy to make those changes. It’s an amazing journey worth going on.



Rini is an eating disorder recovery coach, blogger, fitness instructor and social media influencer. She is working with women who want to find peace with food and their bodies and live a life free of rules and restrictions. Her mission is to help women embrace their bodies as they are and focus on what their bodies are capable of instead of what they look like, so they can take the wheel and finally take action in creating the life they always dreamed of.

Learn more about Rini and connect: Instagram Facebook | Website

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