You  started a nonprofit and a graphic design business. You are also a college student! What are your tools for managing your time?


Most people feel you won’t become successful unless you stay up 24/7 working on your dreams, I don’t knock their hustle but at the same time it’s okay to recharge your brain so you can work your best.

Also, it may sound cliché but, having a planner. You’re going to forget something whether you believe it or not but keeping track of what you have to do by writing it down will save a huge headache and keep you moving in the right direction.

Has being a college student met your expectations? What have you learned about expectations and managing them?

College is better than high school and my professors actually seem like they want to be there so being in class isn’t a drag. Even though I think they forget that most college students have other classes, work, and other obligations.

I learned that it’s best not to expect too much from a person or even a thing because if it falls short you won’t be let down as much.

What are the origins of #CLEgivesback?

I started #CLEgivesback to simply help those in need and to give others the opportunity to help as well because in a mathematical world, 1+1=2 but in a community 1+1=11.

Where do you go when you’re  looking for connection?

Networking events are a great way to meet new people but I’ve learned that there are a lot of people with their own businesses so honestly anywhere.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? How does it feel now that you are here?

I didn’t even think I had it in me to be one but once I started I never looked back. I love being my own boss, I love that most times I don’t have to answer to anyone. I especially love that I can work when I want with whom I want. There are cons to being an entrepreneur but that’s what make the breakthroughs worth it!

What are the qualities and/or skills that help you the most in owning your own business and running  a non-profit?

Being passionate, determined, listening, and showing no form of judgement are some the key factors I use for both my business and non-profit.

Why is self-love important?

Self love is important to me because when I was younger I really struggled with loving who I was. The inside image of myself was beautiful but I hated the outside image of myself which turned into a “silent depression”.

I was at my all time lowest when I was 14, 15 and again 17 years old. At 17 year old I made a commitment to myself that I would never feel the way I felt again meaning I wouldn’t look down upon myself, I wouldn’t talk negative about myself and most importantly I’m going to love the outside version of myself no matter what.

That’s why I feel my summer program for young girls is extremely important but I can’t take all the credit. I run the sessions with my little cousin Sequarra (Program Assistant) and friend Myiesha (Program Coach)

When was the last time you practiced self-care and why is self-care important to you?

Sundays are my days to myself. I feel that is the day I should focus only on Jesus Christ and my mental health. It’s very important to practice self love because I can get so wrapped up helping others that I don’t make time for myself.

It’s years in the future. You’re on stage to accept an award for your life’s work.  What’s your five word acceptance speech?

“It was all a dream…”

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What’s something you’re working to unlearn? (about yourself, about the world, about a population of people, etc.)

Most times we hear that things are “in the family” or something like “brought down from generation to generation”, that means the good and the bad, but why do we have to deal with the bad?

I’m learning that I can break the cycle for the next generation, a more positive outlook on things. All because it was “in the family” doesn’t mean you have to put up with it too.

What’s one challenge you face in your work that you’re still working on navigating?

Working with unprofessional people. I can get so excited about people wanting to work with me I fail to see how unprofessional they are until it’s time to actually work. I have to stop being so certain that everyone who hit me up is truly down to “work” meaning they just want to be around for the finished project instead of helping along the way.

What’s in the space between where you are and where you want to be?

I’m not going to lie, I have a lot of work to do before I can be where I want to be in life. Most people try to act like they have everything all figured out but i’m not scared to tell the truth, I have to learn to be consistent in feeding nothing but healthy thoughts to myself because what you think is what you live.


At the age of 16 years old Alexis Williams became an entrepreneur, she’s the Founder and CEO of #CLEgivesback Inc. and Lex Get Graphic LLC. Both of her businesses were designed to helping others; one being in homelessness and gaining self esteem and the other in helping others brand themselves. She is determined in being a positive role model to many as she know “we’re stronger together than apart”. Learn more about Alexis and connect: Twitter + Instagram + Web + Lex Get Graphic

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