What is something we often get wrong when talking about sex and sexuality?

That’s the thing we dont talk about it enough.

The one thing we get wrong is keeping it a secret, not expressing our wants/desires with our partners. Not talking about it with our friends, without the fear of being judged.

Sex is as natural as breathing, everyone is doing it. We should be talking about it more.

Why do we need adult sexual health education? And what’s different about it than our first introduction into sex ed?

We need adult sexual health education because a lot of adults are CLUELESS about sex. There is a HUGE gap between what we were taught about sex as adolscent in health class and what we learned as adults through experiementation. Adult sex educators are essential to help bridge the gap.

How did you become a sex educator? Were you always comfortable talking about sex?

I always wanted to be health educator, hence why I went to school and got a degree in Health Promotions. However once I gradudated it was extremely hard to find a job at a health department, so I created my own job.

I first started with a sex blog, then I dabbled with a podcast for a bit, then eventually became  a certified Sexuality Coach. I now have a YouTube channel and educate women on various sexual topics.

What’s something you’re currently working on that’s both super challenging and exciting?

I am currently working on opening a cannabis health boutique. This is extremely exciting because the legal weed business is about to be BIG business however it’s also challenging learning the laws and regulations.

What’s something you’re working to unlearn? (about yourself, about the world, about a population of people, etc.)

That life isn’t black and white. It’s ok to live in the GREY!  

Who do you go to when you’re needing support and guidance?

When I need support I go to God (prayer), friends and my therapist LOL.

What’s one challenge you face in your work that you’re still working on navigating?

One my biggest challenges is learning to overcome Imposter Syndrome. There will always be somebody who knows more than you, has more experience etc BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU!!! I’m learning to be more confident in my abilities because I do have something to offer the world.

When was the last time you practiced self-care and why is self-care important to you?

I practice self care weekly. I have to incorporate some form of self care into my week in order to maintain my sanity. I go to the gym twice a week, as well as enjoy a weekly tub bath with a  good book.

When was a time that self-doubt was at its worst for you while on your career and life journey?

ALL OF 2018!!! This whole year has been one of self doubting and testing of my faith. I don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself this year, “God, are you sure this is what I am suppose to be doing?”  But as 2018, I have been reminded that yes I am indeed on the right path.

Sex is as natural as breathing, everyone is doing it. We should be talking about it more.

Ashley Cobb

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone struggling with self-doubt and feeling like giving up on their dreams?

Journal and Pray regularly. Also TRUST THE MAGIC!

Imagine that all your life’s work disappeared and you only had 1 minute to tell the world what you truly believe to be true. What would you say?

Happily Ever After just doesnt happen, you have to create it! Go get the life you want. Make it happen.


Ashley is more than a sexpert she  is an certified Sexuality Coach and Sex Educator. She helps women get comfortable discussing SEX out loud and teach them how to effectively communicate their desires and needs without feeling shame. Instagram. Facebook. Website.

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