But Actually, You Were Made For This

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You’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow” Put Your Records On x Corrine Bailey Rae

You were wonderfully made, but you might have forgotten this because of all the:





cold nights


they never called back

they don’t want me

where’d they go




full stops

If you look closely, none of those things were you. They happened to you, but they are not you. You are not the pain and tears and hardships. You are wonderfully made, full of gifts, and skill, and wit, and persistence. 

You didn’t make it this far by accident. Your mistakes have shaped you like river smoothed stones. Things fell apart, and in some ways, you fell into the person you were meant to be. 

There are few reminders of our brilliance. Our innate, God-given, brilliance. Let this serve as another one. Don’t miss it. Don’t allow it to tumble away. Don’t call it empty. Dare to call it truth. The truth about you.

The truth that’s evidenced by your: 





ability to (though very hard to do) admit where you messed up


willingness to call them back at 3am because they’re going through it

untouched worth 

This is a hand reaching over to you from someone who knows what it’s like to forget who’s he is

And if you do believe it this time, that you were made well, hold onto that. You need it to remind the next person. Keep it going.

If you’ve made other’s stories about you your mirror, this is your permission to smash the glass. Step from the behind the veil of self-limiting beliefs established when they put you down, teased you, wrote you off, told you you’d never make it, set you up, gave you the idea that you weren’t who we need. 

Often, we’ve leaned so far into the lies we tell ourselves that we lose sight of our fullness. Of what we’re made of. Of how we used to overflow with a hunger for life, our knees skinned from us discovering our world. 

I’m reminded of who I used to be when I look at my daughter. When I see how she climbs all the things we don’t want her to climb because she just wants to know what’s on the other side of not knowing.

Where did your thirst go?

It never left. It’s still there. All of you. It’s all there. 

As we start a new week, as restrictions are slowly lifted, I invite you to explore those parts of yourself you’ve set aside, turned away from, pushed off, or downplayed. The bright places that those who love you see every time you enter a room. The places that are uniquely you. 


What used to excite me?

What intrigued me?

What was I naturally good at?

What did I care about before they told me it wasn’t okay to care about?

What did I leave behind because I couldn’t take it with me at the time?

Where do I dim when I really could be turning it up a little? 

I assure you, dear reader, there’s more there than you’ve been accounting for. So much more. 

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Sinclair Ceasar is a Christian mental health speaker, writer, and facilitator.

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