Why No One Has Time for You to Hide Your Light in 2021

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Every time you hide your light, your gifts, and your talents, someone else loses.

No shade. It’s just truth. You doing you can lead to positive results for someone else. Just you doing what you love to do, you showing love and care only the way you can.

This isn’t fake positivity. Think of someone who inspires you without even trying, because they just do what brings them joy.

See what I mean?

Let’s take it a step further.

You don’t get to say what impact you have on the people in your circle of influence. You don’t even get to say what impact you’ve had on the people you don’t even know – the people across the ocean who see your social media posts and think “I needed to hear that”.

So allow me to call you in for a moment.

How much longer do your friends and family need to tell you, “You really should start a ________ one day”? Your skills and gifts have already been validated. Now it’s time to put them out there.

If you’re open to feedback, you’ll improve. But, there’s no feedback without taking action.

There’s no shame in how long you’ve waited to begin.

This is a pour-into-your-life-zone and it’s judgment free.

Press send because it’s going to work in your favor. God said it would.

This could mean: 

  • sending the resume and cover letter 
  • starting the Etsy shop
  • buying the salon equipment 
  • baking the cookies 
  • taking the first aid class
  • emailing your network
  • purchasing the dog leashes

Take action. Just a single step in any direction is progress.

About The Author

Sinclair P Ceasar III

Sinclair Ceasar is a Christian mental health speaker, writer, and facilitator.

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  1. Sinclair,

    As always a absolutely exceptional and motivating article. Thank you so much sir.

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read and provide such a kind response. You rock, Jana!

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