Do things that get your closer to you dreams: a Q+A w/ Bria Butterfly

What’s something we often get wrong about sex work? One thing a lot of people assume about sex work is that every single person in the industry is rich. This is wrong and also erases low income workers or survival sex workers, who are still very valid. What’s something you’re currently working on that’s both […]

Sometimes, I’m left in tears: a Q+A w/ Jessica Lakritz

What are the origins of your Skin On Sundays project? It was a quiet November afternoon in Barcelona. The year was 2015. I was smoking weed with a young rapper, discussing the universe and our places in it. The young rapper asked me: “How are you going to get people to read your poetry.” It […]

An Open Letter to First Time Black Fathers Anywhere

Dear Brothers, I won’t begin to assume what you’re going through, for there’s a spectrum of Blackness and man-ness and person-hood that exist, but I just had to write this as I sit in the delivery room hours before the arrival of our firstborn child. I’m mostly writing to connect, reach out, and encourage. To […]