Being Black in 2017: The Allyship and Understanding I Still Need! [Podcast Episode!]

I had the absolute honor to be a guest on Jamie Piperato‘s Social Justice and Inclusion Podcast for Higher Ed Professionals! I’m still glowing from this opportunity and am so happy to be able to share it with you. Listen here.  Here’s the abstract:  Sometimes people from marginalized groups feel like they are the spokesperson for […]

Fake Love: Letting Go Of People Who Bring You Down

I had a crappy middle school experience both inside and outside of the classroom. I told a snippet of my embarrassing story to around 700 people on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 with the Stoop Storytelling Series. After the show, several audience members came up to me, and briefly shared their emotional reactions and stories about […]

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Identifies as a Woman

This is to anyone who identifies as a woman. I’ve been hearing things that aren’t okay. They shouldn’t have been said. It’s not okay that you’ve been made to feel unsafe. It’s not okay that you so often feel unsafe. I’ll admit, I was slow on the uptake. I should have gone to the march. […]

How to Start a Successful Campus Wide Note Writing Project

Last week, we launched a note writing project called Hound Notes, here at Loyola University Maryland. It’s really taken off, and has added a positive buzz in our college community! While this project can be a lot of work on the front-end, it’s not so bad once you get started.* Plus, I’ve outlined most of what we’ve […]