When The World Comes Together For Your Friend

Sometime during November of 2015, my close friend told me they were diagnosed with bone cancer. It was heart breaking. We are super close and have kept in touch via letters for the past several years. We met while doing an urban homelessness immersion program in Portland, Oregon. It was one of those moments where […]

Why Beginning is So Darn Difficult (FREE Worksheet Download)

Many of us will be planning our New Year’s Resolutions in a few months. But, what about end of year resolutions? Do you have something you have wanted to attempt or a project you want to complete? You never seem to get around to starting, or you keep saying: Darn, I meant to do that months ago! […]

If You’re Feeling Like You’re Going Nowhere

I get this feeling deep down in my gut that something is wrong. I down a glass of water and do some breathing exercises, but nothing helps. It’s not a panic attack. It’s me feeling unsettled. Yes, I absolutely love my job and the work I do. I work with and for incredible people. But, if we’re […]