A list of terrible things men do to women OR how I’ve been toxic af.

I’ve had a difficult time taking responsibility for all the terrible things I’ve done to women. But, thankfully, I realized I had to get over myself and start to unlearn all that I’d unknowingly subscribed to. I’ve also learned a lot from my wife, friends, conferences, books, strangers, articles, and videos about the harmful impact […]

Why It’s Okay If You Didn’t Crush It Today

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba I’m a busy-body and a worrier. I make to-do list and itineraries when I’m on vacation. I have the magical ability to turn something fun into a character building activity. I ask for more responsibility even when my plate is full. Yes, it’s as frustrating as it sounds – for anyone involved. Here […]

Dear People Pleaser: In Case You Forgot What You’re Worth

When I was younger, I had these friends who had a proclivity for making me the center of their harsh jokes. The teasing was light at first, but one day it escalated. It was bad – like real bad. They did things that humiliated me, embarrassed me, made me feel small, and scarred me for a long time.  […]