Q+A w/ Rini Frey of @ownitbabe: Eating disorder recovery coach & social media influencer

We are breaking down their old patterns and beliefs and find ways to heal their relationship to food and their bodies. My mission is always to get them to a place of doing something with their lives that brings them joy, fulfillment and purpose.

To The Person Who Wants to Give Up Because Their Work Is Undervalued

You have no idea of who is better off because you’re here. And, you don’t get to say all of what your positive impact has been on others.

You’d surely miss something. 

Why It’s Okay If You Didn’t Crush It Today

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba I’m a busy-body and a worrier. I make to-do list and itineraries when I’m on vacation. I have the magical ability to turn something fun into a character building activity. I ask for more responsibility even when my plate is full. Yes, it’s as frustrating as it sounds – for anyone involved. Here […]

Dear People Pleaser: In Case You Forgot What You’re Worth

When I was younger, I had these friends who had a proclivity for making me the center of their harsh jokes. The teasing was light at first, but one day it escalated. It was bad – like real bad. They did things that humiliated me, embarrassed me, made me feel small, and scarred me for a long time.  […]