Don’t spend most of your life hating yourself because of other people’s perception of beautiful: a Q + A w/ Amanda Velazquez

Sinclair: You post photos of your body on Instagram regarding your wellness and weight loss journey. What led you to this point in your life where you can be so vulnerable? Amanda: I was super conscious of my body because I’ve always been “bigger” than most girls. While browsing on Instagram, I found Ashley Graham […]

Toilet paper is offered for free, why aren’t tampons? A Q+A w/ Aunt Flow’s Zach Poczekaj

First of all, this is how it all began: You are what we call a #FlowBro 👏 Thank you for supporting menstruators. — Aunt Flow (@GoAuntFlow) July 3, 2018   Sinclair: Tell us more about what  FlowBro is and why we need more people supporting menstruators? Zach:  A Flow Bro is any guy who […]

Don’t be afraid to tell someone to fuck off if they detract from your sanity: a Q+A with Sara Benincasa

Header photo by the amazing Gia Cognata. Sinclair: You’re the author of several books, including Real Artists Have Day Jobs, you did a screenplay, you act, and you’re a comedian. How did you get to where you are today? Sara: I have been very fortunate: I started with parents who cared about me and encouraged […]

“This moment made me feel so incredibly othered.” A Q+A w/ Shadae Mallory

Sinclair: Share about a time you felt unwelcome when working while Black. What happened? What did you take away from the experience/incident/situation? Shadae: As a first-year graduate student I worked with a living learning community for performing and visual arts students at a Midwestern 4-Year, public institution. In this role, I was one of three people […]

Morality is a matter of opinion, queerness is not: a Q+A with Da’Shaun Harrison

Some of us never come back from those feelings, and their lives are valid, too. However, being queer/trans is not all about our suffering and our oppression. We deserve to enjoy life just as much as anyone else.