There’s always something better ahead of you: a Q+A w/ Abby Honold

Sinclair: According to your website, you identify as a rape survivor/thriver. What does being a thriver mean to you? Abby: I’ll start off by saying that I think there’s more than one label that defines my experience with sexual violence. I think a lot of people like to say, “be a survivor, not a victim”, […]

You’ve got to make time and space in your life for the people you care about: a Q+A w/ Ann Friedman of Call Your Girlfriend

Quick note: Several of the questions in this interview were submitted by writer, long-time fan, and Sinclair’s super close friend, Kelsey Oppenheimer. 💛 Sinclair:  What advice do you have for young women who want to fiercely practice shine theory?  Ann: Shine Theory is a term I coined with my friend and co-author and podcast co-host, Aminatou […]