Coaching Packages

The 2-Hour Glow Up

  • We’ll jump into it and get you unstuck, uncovered, and on track to crush whatever insurmountable goal you’re facing.
  • You’ll be able to look fear in the face and discover what’s in the space between where you are and who you want to be.
  • This package includes a PDF action plan at the conclusion of our call.

Investment: $150/one hour or $300/two hours.

Payment plans available.

6 Weeks of Badassery

  • This is for those wanting to create and sustain lasting changes by setting clear intentions, crushing 2-3 goals, moving towards discomfort, and discovering their edge.
  • Each call will be 60 minutes of us going deep and developing realistic and action oriented plans.
  • You’ll complete a brief check-in questionnaire before each call and you’ll receive a comprehensive action plan after each call.
  • I’m available for you via Facebook Messenger for quick tips and check-ins.

Investment: $1200

Payment plans available.

Let’s hop on a free 30-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good match!

Why I Coach OR How I Quit My Job, Traveled the World, and Found Myself

And boy did that journey suck!

No one says that right? People like to glamorize what it’s like to actually take the leap and leave your 9-5 to go after the life you want.

But, it’s true. It ain’t easy and it aint for everyone. In fact, I’d never suggest this to anyone – at least not right away. Still, it made since for me.

I worked in university housing and I was miserable. My work didn’t align with my WHY and I was burnout from 3am hospital runs. So, I submitted my two weeks, booked travel to several different cities (including a week long MMA + Brazilian Jujitsu retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica), moved out of my university housing, and embarked on the adventure of a life time.

And, again, it sucked. But, it also rocked because I:

  • discovered my personal edge
  • trusted God with my life for the first time in forever
  • cultivated a deeper level of gratitude
  • became much more empathetic for those experiencing homelessness
  • learned that kindness, community, and closeness are invaluable and so necessary

I also solidified the truth that life coaching was the path for me. Ever since I was 11 years old, I knew my life’s work would be to use my wounds and scars to help others heal.

I was raised by two loving grandparents in single family home in New Jersey. I spent years working through the abandonment and abuse I experienced from my parents, and even more time working to reconcile with them.

Today, I have a consistent wellness routine, I love traveling and meeting new people, and I’m finally living a life with intention and awareness of purpose.

And, I’m so glad you’re here too.





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