In 2016, my doctors basically told me that I was gonna die soon. Okay, they didn’t say it like that, but hearing that I was at risk for preventable diseases like hypertension and diabetes felt scary AF!

I went home and freaked out for a few weeks. I was afraid to make changes. I was afraid to try and fail. I assumed that the narrative about self-care and habit building was a bunch of hocus pocus.

And it was, because no one was speaking to me or telling me how to make sustainable changes that catered to how my brain and body are set up:

  • I’m the world’s biggest overthinker – thank you very much
  • If I think I’m going to fail at something or eventually give up, I don’t even try
  • I’m all or nothing.
  • I’ve struggled with food addiction and addiction to people pleasing
  • I have lived with anxiety, PTSD, and depression for most of my life

That’s a lot, right?

Then This Happened

So, bath bombs, running, and a few yoga videos weren’t going to cut it. I needed my Blackness to be considered. My mental illness mattered. My self-limiting beliefs needed to be checked. And, most of all, I needed accountability that wasn’t harsh or shame-filled.

And you know what, it all worked out, and it started with me saying yes to myself, and NO to a life of feeling like giving up. Though we weren’t pregnant at the time, I wanted to be a healthy father and husband for my family. I wanted more. More everything.

So, I started waking up at 5am each morning to journal, do affirmations and visualizing (I know, I know, sounds like some woo-woo shit but stick with me), workout, pray, meditate, and read. I also begin seeing a nutrionist and a fitness trainer. And, I’ve been in therapy for the past 10 years, so I kept doing that. Oh, and I twerked for my life at a weekly hip hop dance class.

Guess what, the change was so damn slow. Like, I wanted to give up so many times but I  didn’t. I had created my own personal self-care and wellness board of directors (which included my wife) and I eventually leveled up through:

  • building healthy habits that actually stuck
  • learning to show myself more grace and patience
  • getting clear on what I needed and how to let go of what I didn’t need
  • setting boundaries for work, friends, clients, and myself
  • consistently being held accountable

Never Would Have Made It

I’m happy to say I lost 30lbs in 2016 and have kept it off ever since! In the past several years, I’ve worked to teach others my strategies and tips to intentionally living a healthier life, but I’m done just piecing all this together. And that’s why I’m offering Life Coaching.

But, like, let’s get specific, because what does that even mean?

The Breakdown

If you work with me, you get 21 days of heavy hitting and loving accountablity and encouragement to help you:

  1. Meet and CRUSH 2-3 specific and measurable holistic wellness goals
  2. Take better care of yourself through cultivating better and practical holistic wellness practices
  3. Shift your mindset from lack to abundance
  4. Get clear on your limiting self-beliefs and all the things that get you stuck when you’re on your glow up
  5. Feel way more confident in your ability to make changes for yourself

The 21 Day Level-Up Coaching Challenge

We’ll work together for 21 days and in that time we’ll do 3 Skype sessions where y’ll actually be listened to and affirmed. You’ll have a report to complete before each sesh, so we can use our time efficiently, because aint not body got time for meetings that could have been emails.

You’ll also get unlimited text message and email support for the duration of the 21 days, and a follow up email after each Skype sesh. Yassss! We about that get it done life! 🎉

Secure the Bag

The cost for all of this is $599. This total doesn’t get any lower, but you can pay in installments because, life.

Let’s Werk!

If you’re serious about investing in yourself, let’s set up a 1:1 consultation call to see if we’re a good match.

We’ll chat for 15 minutes about what you’re needing and what you’re looking to accomplish. Schedule a call today!