People come to me when they want their time + peace of mind back.

We often find ourselves in relationships or partnerships where we’re
giving more than we’re receiving.

Maybe you’re in a situation like that right now with a partner, friend, co-worker, boss, or family member.

It happens.

The reality is that many of us don’t know when we’re being treated like less than because we’ve grow accustomed to being treated like less than.

Getting in touch with our truth is a lifelong journey and each time you do the brave thing of speaking up for yourself, you get one step closer to getting clearer on what you want out of life.

Every time we say yes to something, we say no to something.

When was the last time you said yes to yourself?

To help you get your time and life back by setting better boundaries

Mission Statement

Hey! I’m Sinclair.

I went from being a proud people pleaser to being crystal clear with my values, intentional with my time, and confident with my communication of boundaries. And at this point in your life, I’m betting you want to level up your boundary setting skills too.

I have worked with students, parents, supervisors, you name it. My mission in life is to help people get their freedom, dignity, and life back. I would love for you to be next.

We should work together if:

  • You want to face your fears around advocating for your needs
  • You want to get clear on your unshakable values
  • You’re determined to rediscover your voice and confidence
  • You want to move from passivity to assertiveness
  • You’re ready to learn to set specific and clear boundaries

We should not work together if:

  • You aren’t willing to be honest with yourself
  • You aren’t willing to be brave and have difficult conversations
  • You want someone to set boundaries for you
  • You are looking for email scripts to quit, break up, or not show up
  • You want to continue making everyone happy but you

Investment – $247

  • 2 60-minute calls
  • Sessions done virtually through Zoom chat
  • Includes a workbook
  • Includes post-session recap + action plan
  • Payment plans + scholarships available

Ready to work together?

If you have a willingness to stand in your power and use your voice, it’s time to change your life.

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