We can choose to unlearn shame: a Q+A w/ Luna Matatas

  Sinclair: What’s your three word bio? Luna: Sex Educating Goddess Sinclair: As a sex and pleasure educator, how do you want folks to feel as a result of working with you? Luna: I love it when folks feel inspired to get creative with exploring their sexuality and eroticism. I want people to have more […]

Don’t spend most of your life hating yourself because of other people’s perception of beautiful: a Q + A w/ Amanda Velazquez

Sinclair: You post photos of your body on Instagram regarding your wellness and weight loss journey. What led you to this point in your life where you can be so vulnerable? Amanda: I was super conscious of my body because I’ve always been “bigger” than most girls. While browsing on Instagram, I found Ashley Graham […]

Q+A w/ Rini Frey of @ownitbabe: Eating disorder recovery coach & social media influencer

We are breaking down their old patterns and beliefs and find ways to heal their relationship to food and their bodies. My mission is always to get them to a place of doing something with their lives that brings them joy, fulfillment and purpose.