This journey is yours for the taking: a Q+A w/ Victoria Soriano

Sinclair: What’s your three word bio? Victoria: Self-doubting Spartan. Sinclair: What inspired you to do the Spartan Race? Victoria: I had been thinking about my health for a long while and knew I needed something to aspire to that wasn’t the bodies of models on Instagram. It wasn’t until Hurricane Harvey that I finally made […]

If sex is going to happen, consent needs to happen: a Q+A w/ Nadine Thornhill

Sinclair: In your January 2018 article titled, “If We’re Gonna Talk About Consent, We Need To Talk About Pleasure” you wrote: “Pleasure is important. No matter what your gender, race, ethnicity, body-size or ability, you are entitled to choose to have partnered sex or not. And if that’s your choice, you are entitled to feel […]

Q+A w/ Rini Frey of @ownitbabe: Eating disorder recovery coach & social media influencer

We are breaking down their old patterns and beliefs and find ways to heal their relationship to food and their bodies. My mission is always to get them to a place of doing something with their lives that brings them joy, fulfillment and purpose.