This podcast episode goes right for the heart!

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Episode 12: You are not your mental illness. 

Guest: Ariel Davis 


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Today’s guest is the illustrious Ariel Davis.

Ariel’s bio: “I am a woman, mother, wife, educator, survivor and jane of all trades.” 

Here are some notabe topics and quotes from today’s episode: 

  • So much negativity in the world would end if everyone believed in their own self.
  • Why people need to define self-care for themselves
  • Why the entire to-do list doesn’t need to be done today.
  • Mental health in the Black community
  • The layers of intersectionality and grief
  • Ariel’s experience with anxiety and the “scenarios” that’d play in her head
  • Perfection and OCD
  • “When any two people try to merge their lives, there’s going to be challenges.”
  • “I have the mental illness, the mental illness doesn’t have me.”
  • Ariel’s Instagram
  • Cards for the Culture

First Podcast Feature Ever!

I saw a tweet that made my heart leap for joy this morning:

  Click here to check out the episode.  

The podcast episode is all about successful supervision. No, I’m not an expert or anything, but it’s something I’m passionate about and work hard at. Leading others to achieving their goals is part of my Why in life. It’s a combination of what I’ve learned through years through trial, error, failure, and reassessment.

Big shout-out to Dustin Rasmdell (@HigherEd_Geek) and the folks at the Student Affairs Collective for inviting me to guest on their podcast!


I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on the episode. I love talking about supervision and leadership!

Comment below or email me at to get the conversation going. 

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