A list of terrible things men do to women OR how I’ve been toxic af.

I’ve had a difficult time taking responsibility for all the terrible things I’ve done to women. But, thankfully, I realized I had to get over myself and start to unlearn all that I’d unknowingly subscribed to. I’ve also learned a lot from my wife, friends, conferences, books, strangers, articles, and videos about the harmful impact […]

Be quiet and listen to women who are telling you about their trauma: a Q+A with Cassy

Sure, men who catcall you are disgusting but men who pretend to be your friend until they find out you don’t want to have sex with them are more disgusting. — mantis toboggan MD (@m0ldylunchb0xx) June 16, 2018   Sinclair: What led you to share this impactful and timely message? Cassy: I have experienced several […]